Pax: Proximity, Highlighter & Square (Q)
Disclaimer + F3 Core Principles

Side Straddle Hop x20 IC
Kick with Twist x 10 IC
Weed Pickers x 15 IC
Windmills x10 IC
Runners stretch

1st Station:
Plank Jacks to Merkins x25
LBC’s x25
Plank hold x1min
Mosey across the lot to the rocks

2nd Station:
Imperial Squats x25
Tricep extensions w/ rock x25
X-snatches x25
mosey back across the lot to the stairs/wall

3rd Station:
Hand release Merkins x25
Dips on the wall x25
Stairs – Hop up/down/up, then run down the ramp
Repeato all 3 stations x1

Finished with some COP style wall sits and squats/lunges (2 rounds)
Mosey back for Mary.

Flutter Kicks x20 IC
Gas Pumps with Full Arms above head extension x10 IC
Low Dolly x10
American Hammers x20 IC
Recover Recover!

It was good having Highlighter from North Carolina at The Pit. It’s always good to find common ground with brothers of other F3 regions. Highlighter showed us a final mary called Side Plank Star Crunch which is sort of like half angels, but a little different. I think I’ll adopt that one and work in from time to time!

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