March 9, 2021
Weather: calm, partly cloudy, 37 degrees

PAX: (9) – Marshall, Knee High, PVC, Pontoon-19, Khaki, Motorboat, Spud, Cosmo, Kindergarten Cop (Q)

Little known older, wiser, and better looking brother to Spartacus, Blocktimus, and a small group of followers, fled the oppression of the Roman Empire. As this group migrated they attracted others (Effengees) until they totaled 100. The 100 headed northeast and ultimately settled in the frozen Tundra of the area now known as Siberia. To maintain personal strength and defensive readiness, Blocktimus developed a training regimen using cubed blocks of frozen tundra. This beat down is a variation of the original workout and is conducted as follows.

Disclaimer- Not given, Q-fart
Core Principles – Not reviewed, another Q-fart

SSH IC x 20
Shoulder Pretzel IC x 15
Arm Circles Forward and Backward IC x 10
Imperial Walkers IC x 10

PAX will attempt to complete in 35 minutes
100 overhead presses
100 block merkins
100 LBC
100 decline block merkins
100 block curls
100 supine block presses
100 staggered block merkins
100 goblet squats
100 block dips
100 block kettlebell swings

PAX will complete a “rest mosey” (~350m) if they can not complete the 100 reps without break and one “advancement mosey” (~350m) between each exercise.

100 points for each exercise completed.
-10 points for each “rest mosey”
(Scoring used to set baseline for future attempts at Blocktimus.)

Not a tremendous amount of mumble chatter this morning. A number of questions were raised regarding the scoring. Math at 6:05 is not everyone’s strong suit. A highly unexpected joke-bomb dropped by KneeHigh. Good to see we’ve been a good influence on the younger PAX. A world record was set this morning. Khaki established the number to beat going forward (800) and shall be known as “Blocktimus” for the day. Prayers lifted up for Cheeseball’s friend, safe travels for all those over spring break, Quick’s nephew, and Spud’s M while Spud travels over the next couple weeks.

Thanks for coming out this morning. Always glad to join you in the gloom


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