Weather: low 40s and clear – perfect weather for a beatdown

Welcome: 4 pax: Biscuit, Nomad, Snaphook, Beater (Q) welcomed with open arms, 5 principles recited, disclaimer given, 15 SSHs administered IC, and dynamic mosey over to Monon tunnel under City Center commenced (buttkickers, high knees, etc)

10 rounds, where the Round Number descends from 10 to 1, in each round doing Round Number multiplied by 4 JLos, 3 Bobby Hurleys, 2 burpees, 1 pistol squat (single legged squat, with raised leg pointing forward. L+R= 1), as follows:

10 Round:
– 40 JLos at bottom of terrace by tunnel entrance
– Clamber up limestone terrace
– Broadjump across City Center to other side
– 30 Bobby Hurleys on the sidewalk
– Crawl bear down grassy hill
– 20 burpees at bottom
– Sprint back up hill
– Broadjump across City Center to other side
– Clamber down limestone terrace
– 10 pistol squats each leg

Round 9 would be 36 J Los, 27 Bobby Hurleys, 18 burpees, 9 pistol squats, etc.

Not too much mumblechatter besides Nomad reminding Q on the first 3 rounds to do his pistol squats. Broadjumps quickly devolved into bunny hops, and uphill sprints became much less sprinty a few rounds in. Due to mental fog on Q’s part, Bobby Hurleys were prescribed for the side of City Center instead of the planned monkey humpers, depriving the AO of one of its primary recruitment tools. Was great to try to get Biscuit back for his VQ pyramid of doom last week. Also, may keep Thang closer to the cars next time, given the feeling that one of these days Snaphook is going to take us up on disclaimer offer to carry him back to his car. Prayers for Snapphook’s M, who appears to be recovering well from surgery last week –

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