Weather: Clear, calm, 40F

Welcome: Free of charge, open to all men, outdoors rain or shine, peer led, ends in circle of trust

Disclaimer (not professional, me/F3/Lyons Intl./Zionsville, USA), modify, carry you to your car, ETC.


Side straddle hops x 20 (IC), Weed pickers x 10 (IC), Abe Vigotas x 10 (IC), Kick with twist x 10 (IC)


Mosey together around park loop then wooded loop

Arm circles x20 each way (IC)

Hot mile – 2 laps + around park loop

Moroccan night clubs x 20 (IC), Overhead claps x 20 (IC)

Hot lap – 1 lap around park loop

Sprinter crunch x 20 (IC), Standing row lat pull x 20 (IC)

Hot lap – 1 lap around park loop


LBC’s x 20 (IC), Flutter kicks x 20 (IC), Pretzel crunch x 10 each side (IC), American Hammer x 15 (IC)

Recover, Recover


Nice weather again today. Jackets were again shed. PAX were motivated. Beefsteak with dreams of Boston 26.2 but couldn’t stand the thought of dropping F3 beatdonws for long runs.

Prayed for Butterfly and family, Beefsteak’s 2.0s. Eno in his travels.

Always a privilege to lead, AYE!

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