Key Principles

Preamble/Trash Talk

The men of Grizzly got after the Schwing Beatdown, not only out of excitement (easy Garth…Khaki, I’ll explain later or ask Pontoon-19 what we’re talking about here), but because it involved some good old fashioned hard work….pullups to be specific.  We didn’t have time to skip around in a parking lot (we did that on Monday) we got in place and got to work.

Word on street is that out west there was group of men chasing some dude in jumpsuit around a parking lot searching for a Rona vaccine…..I heard Rona is out looking for a vaccine against the men of Grizzly (forgive me Chuck).  At any rate, here is what we did and how it went down.

Warm Up


Imperial Walker x 25 IC

Hillbilly Walkers x 25 IC

Al Gore w/angle arms – Moving arms side to overhead to front, back to overhead, back to side (need a name for this one)

Mosey to the playground swings

Partner workout on the swings – 1 partner runs a lap while other performs the exercise – Combined total 100 (then repeat if needed)

Inclined swing merkins – Feet in swing, perform a merkin

Swing Australian Pull ups – Grab the chains and pull up

Swing dips – Hands in swing – Perform a dip

Swing hops – Standing, grab the swing chains and hop over the seat

Inverted swing crunches – Feet in swing, plank position and pull knees to chest

Mary – Time Permitting

Gas Pumps/In the Morning Combo x25 IC

C-Sit Flutter Kicks x25 IC

Rosalitas x15 IC

In the Mornings x10 IC

Side Plank Crunches x25 IC each side (courtesy of Highlighter)



54 F and overcast

PAX:  Wrigley, Pappy, Herbie, Einstein, Kitty, Coyote, Highlighter (downstream), Jackie Moon, DC, Genie, Cosmo (Q)

Beautiful morning for some hard work and fun competition.  Things got started right away when the Q missed one of the core principles (the one he always misses).  However, the PAX aren’t really sure if it forgetfulness or just a periodic quiz given by the Q…either way, the core principles go delivered and we completed the warm up.  After a cross country track to the swing set (not sure how manly that sounds) and some mumble chatter  about a path somewhere close, Q demoed the exercised and explained the plan for Schwiiinnngiiing.  Pax paired up and got right to business.  Swing dips were a challenge and the swing jumps proved a bit difficult, but everyone figured it out and finished strong.  

After a second cross country mosey back to the wall, Q finished up with some Mary, Pax finished with some mumble chatter, brining joy to the Q as always.  Highlighter introduced the side plank crunch to the Pax.  Grizzly found the exercise challenging, but worth the effort and appreciated this ‘gift’ from our NC downstream brother.

Q ended the COT with a word from the FTL section for today…..one of our greatest PURPOSES as men is to SERVE…so, find someone to serve and serve them well.

Pax ended the day with stocking the pantry with a pile of canned goods (nice work men) to which Kitty responded something about being in good shape if he gets stuck somewhere. Nomad might want to take note to ensure the goods get delivered. Q is not too worried as he didn’t see a can opener in Kitty’s car!

Overall a great morning and a great beatdown with a great group of PAX!

Finally, a quick reminder. Grizzly Pax are not only tough, good looking and resilient but we are very protective of our own. Mess with one of us you might have to deal with all of us….unless there’s donuts or bourbon involved…these seem to be Grizzly kryptonite. I’m pretty sure Wrigley would likely agree with this as well.

Nice work men….keep after it and keep giving it away.

Always a privilege,


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