9 men posted in a balmy 53° gloom


Maestro lap

Grass Pickers ICx15

Reach Around ICX15

Moroccan night club ICX15

Seal claps ICX15

Finkle Swings 10 each leg

Tempo squats ICX10

Hot Ass Lisa’s ICX10

Hand Release merkins ICX10


Mosey to happy place with black balls in tow

Black Monkey Balls

PAX were divided into 2 teams. Each team had 2 to 3 PAX on each side of the monkey bars. The black medicine ball was tossed over the monkey bars into the arms of the teammate on the other side. Each team completed a total of 30 tosses. The team with the most drops lost and had to do merkins 2x the # of drops.

Next up

5 burpees

50 squats

50 LBC

Run the triangle


Another game of Black Monkey Balls

1 minute wall sit

Dirty hook ups ICX15

1 minute Rocky Balboa

Slowsey to flag while playing catch with big black balls


Pickle pointers ICX15

Pickle pounders ICX15

Box cutters ICX15

Futter kicks ICx15


2 leg raises


The PAX took off right at 5:30 for a Maestro Lap with no mention of the start time being late. You better believe it was mentioned when the PAX were petrified that we had gone past 6:15. An entire 45 minute workout was cometed nonetheless. Mumble was light until we began tossing the balls. Then the excuses began flying. “I can’t see it,” “That street light is blinding me,” “These balls are heavier than mine,” “Sorry for the rim shot.” Well, most of those were quoted. All in all Black Monkey Balls was enjoyable. Something to build upon possibly. Prayers were lifted for Popeye’s fraternity brother who lost his life. As Bubblicious pointed out, we all need to do a better job of being consistent, EHing, and taking care of ourselves. Good health should never be taken for granted and there are many out there who could benefit from what F3 has to offer. See you Friday.

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