March 11, 2021 – The Vet for some March Madness

9 Pax Posted:  Beefsteak(Q), Nomad, Ace, Clancy, Pontoon-19, Snaphook, Pickles, Beater, Dollywood(2nd post naming, welcome!)

5 Core Principles Given:  Free, Always Outside, Open to all Men, Peer Led, Ends in a COT

Disclaimer:  Not an expert, modify as needed.  F3, City of Carmel, and I are not responsible for you.

Warm Up:  SSH, Seal Jacks, Arm Circles forwards and backwards

Pregame Basketball Merkins:  Do a trick or move with the basketball, then pass the ball to someone else in the circle, after you pass the ball you have to do 10 Merkins, continue until everyone does 30 Merkins (6 points)

4 Quarters of Merkins – Pull-ups – Dips

  • Perform each Quarter:
  • 5-5-10
  • 10-10-20
  • 15-15-30
  • (24+36+24= 84 points)
  • 1Q:  Hand Release Merkins
  • 2Q:  Decline Merkins
  • 3Q:  Incline Merkins
  • 4Q:  Wide Arm Merkins

In between Quarters:

After Q1:  Basketball Indian run – Dibble the ball to the front, then pass the ball Pax-to-Pax to the back.

After Q2:  2 lines facing each other.  Basketball passing drill.

After Q3:  Suicides

After Q4, since Snaphook hit the buzzer beater……. heading to overtime:  Clancy is coming off the bench for: 25 Pullups then 10 Bobby Hurley’s or stair jumps, repeat that 3 times for 22.5 points.

Mary Upsets Purdue in Overtime:  Basketball American Hammers (pass the ball to the left while doing American hammers), WWIs with B-ball throws to another Pax each time up.

Recover Recover

Moleskin:  YHC brought his over-inflated kid’s basketball (not ego) to the stadium for today’s game (note for future Q’s to bring a light-colored ball for the gloom).  Pax posted strong with the food donations with over 10 items tallied.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, there were no pro scouts in attendance for today’s game.  Nevertheless, there was some skill that shone forth.  Beater went for the double-double with his continued strong performance, especially after the game out west yesterday.  Big man Pontoon-19 showed the youngsters how to play underneath.  Crazy enough each quarter the Pax scored the same number of points.  YHC is most thankful that there were no technical fouls and no ball to the face bloody noses.  The men of the Vet had a good showing overall as they try to keep their Title hopes alive. 

Thanks for the opportunity men!  Beefsteak

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