Warm Up: 68 SSH

Mosey to school

First round:

All about matchups – classic Carolina favorites against the (down)underdogs

1 Carolina dry dock, 16 “Aussie”swing pull ups, 2 CDD, 15 spu, 3/14, 4/13, 5/12, 6/11, 7/10, 8/9

Cumulative – 36 merkins, 100 pull ups

Round of 32:

Circle up in high plank, one pax does a merkin then the next, rotating around the circle until each pax has done 32

Cumulative: 68 merkins, 100 pull ups

Sweet 16: It’s always going to come down to free throws

16 bench dips, 16 wide incline merkins

12, 12

8, 8

4, 4

Cumulative: 108 merkins, 100 pull ups, 40 dips

Elite 8: gotta hit from downtown if you make it this far

8 sets of 8 pull ups with one lap around the play ground in between

Cumulative: 108 merkins, 164 pull ups, 40 dips

Final 4 (sets of merkins):

Four corners on the blacktop

25 stagger merkins, 25 stagger merkins, 20 tricep merkins, 20 hr merkins

Cumulative: 198 merkins, 164 pull ups, 40 dips

National Championship: It takes a team

Partner up: P1 5 pull ups, P2 rest, switch, then P1 10 dips off the edge of the playground, P2 rest, switch (X 6 rounds – 1 for each round of the tournament)

Cumulative: 198 merkins, 194 pull ups, 100 dips

Celebration – top it all off – 2 merkins, 5 pull ups

Cumulative – 200 merkins, 199 pull ups, 100 dips

Moleskin: Great showing by the pax at the Pit today. 4 pax took on the spirit of a mid-major underdog in March. To pull off an upset, you gotta shoot 3s. A lot of them. And if you get hot, anything can happen. That was the goal and the pax delivered. But it’s not always your day. T claps to the pax at the Vet for taking it up a notch. Instant classic from the underdogs. Everyone was rooting for us (probably).

note – YHC checked his math over and over, but still didn’t get the pull up count right to finish at 200. Not sure how that happened. Maybe I should take a nap.

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