March 12, 2021: 18 pax posted at the Hill for a 300 blocky beatdown, in ~40deg with clear skies
Slider, Fantana, Candi (was FNG), Diggler, Carrot Top, Wooly Dutchman, Nomad, Khaki, Chirp Chirp, Motorboat, Square, CheeseBall, Wilson, Genie, Pontoon 19, Clancy, Warm Glow, Beater (Q).

Principles mentioned, disclaimer given, then straight into

Warmup: SSH, fwd arm circles, OH claps, grass grabbers, then mosey down to lower parking lot for tha

Thang: 300 workout to get us in that Spartan mindset going into the weekend:

25 man makers to start
then, pax rotated through each of the following stations (shotgun start):
50 alpos
50 kettlebell swings
50 alternating uneven pushups (1 is 1)
50 squat jumps with block
50 floor wipers (L+R = 1)
25 man makers to finish

After each of the 7 stations, pax ran to far side of parking lot and back, up the stairs, and then back down the hill to the next station. That route x 7 = exactly 1mile

Pax super stoked when they heard the blockparty beatdown list

– Killer effort from the pax! Like Leonidas, they left it all on the field
– Despite being offered the opportunity (hint hint) to carry their blocks for the run portion, few took the Q up on it, making Q sick with worry that pax didn’t get their money’s worth from the show. Notable exception was FNG-turned-named-pax Candi, who not only started carrying it for the last few rounds, but zamped it (albeit unconventionally at first). Too bad he wasn’t as enthusiastic about his new handle as he was about the beatdown. Welcome brother!
– Always great to see so many faces at the Friday Hill block parties – always feels like a mini-convergence.
– prayers for Carrot Top’s procedure on Monday, and all the others left unsaid.
– shoutout to Clancy getting a ruck going at the Vet on Saturdays. Lots of cool stuff in the area to explore, so should be lit
– Nomad wants us to post more, so do that
– and don’t forget your cans

Have a great end to the week and killer weekend, and get out there and be a HIM!

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