March 12, 2021: 10 Pax posted at Grizzly for a progressive workout, 40 degrees and clear. Wrigley, Coyote, Joker, Jackie Moon, Spaceballs, Cosmo, Kitty, Pappy, Retainer, Einstein (VQ)

*** WARM UP ***

Side Straddle Hops IC x 15

Imperial Walkers IC x 15

Weed Pickers IC x 10  

Mosey to strip mall

*** THE THANG ***

Progressive Workout, Do 5 of first exercise, run to curb, run back to start and do 5 of first exercise + 10 of second exercise. Continue until round 10 where all 10 exercises are completed.

#1 – 5 Burpees

#2 – 10 Big Boy Situps

#3 – 15 Curb merkins (choice)

#4 – 20 Squat Jumps

#5 – 25 Mountain Climbers

#6 – 30 Dips

#7 – 1  X 4 count Motivator

#8 – 40 Shoulder Taps

#9 – 45 Calf Raises on curb

#10 – 50 1st to finish chooses

Mosey back to wall


*** MOLESKIN ***

Excellent effort from all PAX. The mumble chatter and jokes started turning into grunts as we got to round #5. As first to finish, Jackie Moon got to choose the the last exercise (thigh blasters?, I couldn’t remember the name) and luckily he wasn’t too hard on us. The strip mall lived up to its name as most of us starting stripping off those sweatshirts to cool off as the sweat started pouring pretty quickly. Prayers of thanks for our God given ability to complete these workouts. Wrigley is Q for a Ruck at Grizzly, Saturday morning at 7:00. Keep bringing your canned goods.

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