Round 2 kicks off Monday 3/15 with an inter-city rivalry – Owlbear vs Grizzly. Thursday the action resumes with the matchup of the Hill vs the new squad at the Vet.

Each week AO’s will be paired up in single elimination style bracket challenge. Winner gets to send a punishment workout to losing AO. Overall winner after the 3 week challenge gets a special prize, and bragging rights of course.

Points will be awarded as follows. Number of pax that post won’t have a big impact, so it’s still anyone’s game. Round 2 starts Monday 3/15 – “It’s Legs day(s) bitches!”🦵🏻 Here is how points will be awarded. Q must send workout to YHC in advance (prior to your workout and that of your opponent that week) for scoring.

  • Minimum of 5 pax post = 10 points
  • Less than 5 pax post = -5 points
  • 1st post FNG = 10 points
  • 2nd post FNG = 20 points
  • Down Range pax posting (“ringer”) = 15 points
  • VQ = 25 points
  • Late backblast (more than 12hrs after workout) = -10 points
  • Non-perishable food item = 2 points (max of 10 points)
  • Most creative workout between each matchup (determined by YHC) = 10 bonus points
  • Round 2 (week of 3/15) is Legs. Exercises can be done with or without coupon – points all count the same. Free Throw – 1 point for every 10 calf raises included in workout. Field Goal – 2 points for every 10 squats (of any style) included in workout. Downtown – 3 points for every 10 lunges (any style, 2 legs = 1 rep). Note – based on number of reps included in the workout – NOT cumulative performed by all pax posting. Q’s use the honor system here and validate with backblast.

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