Weather upper 30s

16 pax at the hill for the ruck of the Irish Hill games. Words cannot describe this day, you must experience it on your own to get a full grasp as to what just happened. Here’s the plain jane version

Group split into 2 teams and took turns carrying items to our first destination. Brief description of today’s events were given and teams decided which Pax would do different events. Today’s events were a run to touch the blarney stone, tug of war, balance beam match, hammer throw, caber toss, haggis throw, farmer walk, and team coupon toss.

The match was close throughout but Snookie tossed the coupon across the finish line to solidify his teams victory. Group finished will 100 reps of various mary exercises. Pax of the day went out to Khaki for winning a hand full of events.

Note to self film with the phone pointed in the correct direction.

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