7 Pax Posted at The Vet:  Snaphook, Nomad, Slider, Sarge, Quick, Pontoon 19, Clancy (Q)

No one is responsible

Core Principles – Welcome to the First Ever Vet Ruck

Warm Up: 
Weedpickers X10
Imperial Walkers X10

We rucked downtown Carmel with a few incline merkins.

Mary: Low Plank while we stated things we are striving towards

Recover Recover

COT – Prayed for Sliders 2.0 and for a Veteran’s name that YHC is not sure on spelling. So, it is decided he is Mr. D.

Moleskin:  The theme could have been “Coming in Hot”. YHC, Quick and Sarge were early risers and ready to go. It was nice to have Quick and Sarge joing us for their first trip to the Vet. Each gave ample time in their morning makeup time to arrive well in advance of our 0700 start. Pontoon 19 tested the acceleration in his big boy truck and while backing into the parking space gave YHC a slight heart attack as he approached the bumper of the police car. He, of all people, knows what paperwork is involved so he was just short of contact. Snaphook decided he needed no welcome, principles, nor warmup as he determined it take 8 minutes to get to The Vet, not 7. We toured around downtown Carmel with the Tour Guide providing some highlights along the way. Mary consisted of a low plank and each PAX was asked to state something they strived towards. We started with Snaphook which was quickly determined to be a bad idea since he chose to provide his life story. For the sake of everyone’s ability to stay in low plan with a ruck on their back, YHC had to interrupt his politician-like diatribe. The rest got a quick phrase in to share and we recovered. Fantastic conversations amongst all occurred during this ruck. Although very few exercises, we explored areas where future Qs can get some ideas.

Love you all!!

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