Monday, March 15 2021: 7 Pax posted at the Vet for interval runs. Snaphook, Wilson, Slider, Clancy, Tulip, Pontoon 19, Beater (Q). Temps in the low 30s, dry at first until about halfway through.

Warmup: Minimal, as we had a lot of ground to cover. A few SSHs (we did a couple extra, since P19 was trying to skip em with a trip over to his car). Then mosey over to the Monon bridge on the east side, with some butt kickers, high knees, side shuffles

Thang: As many intervals as we could squeeze in of:

Figure 8 consisting of:
– Charge up the incline up to City Center
– follow sidewalk west over the bridge
– down the stairs
– across Monon Trail
-straight up the grassy hill
– back east down City Center sidewalk
– then back down the incline.
– head back up to pick up 6 if there is one
Whole figure 8 is appx 0.25mi

Between intervals 10 WWIs OYO on the odd intervals, 10 banana nut crunches on the evens.

We got 9 intervals in before hoofin it back to the flags

– Pax might have been expecting a more exploratory run, but they were good sports
– Clancy really thought he had the Qs number giving himself a headstart before a few of the intervals. If we ever hit a golf course, we’ll be sure to let him hit from the women’s tee too
– Can’t be too mad though – Clancy and Slider hit their second winds halfway through and were flyin. YHC sure didn’t…
– Pax decided these could be sprinkled in to future interval run days before/after a longer run. Insinuation was that 1 or 2 is plenty??
– Awesome effort by all the pax charging the hills, staying strong throughout!
– Sleet coming in halfway through felt extra good on the face whilst charging the incline
– Good news that Snaphooks M is doing better all the time, making good progress following her back surgery. Hoping for continued improvement there! Look out for some service projects coming up over the next month, including with the EZ AO, and for Northview (the Hill) to thank them for letting us scrape their parking lot up with our darlings

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