2 PAX at The Vet – Kitty and Clancy (Q)

Weather: 35, wet, and foggy

Abbreviated Core Principles and failure to accept any responsibility

Arm Circles X10 X 2
Weedpickers X15
Overhead Claps X15

Mosey to Steps
11s – Merkins and Pull Ups
Mosey to Stairs
Merkin Mountain up
Mosey to Picnic Tables
Dips X25
Mosey to Steps
Merkin Mountain Up – Crab Walk and Dip Down
Mosey to Music Men
Foxhole X10
Mosey to Stairs
Decline Merkin Mountain
Mosey to Picnic Tables
Dips X10
Mosey to Music Box
Low Plank for a song
Mosey to next Music Box
High Plan for a sone
Mosey to Music Men
Hand Release Merkin X10
Mosey to Steps
Shoulder Tap Mountain Up
Decline Mountain Shoulder Tap
Somewhere in there we did a Calf Raise Straight, Inside, Outside X10

Flutter Kicks X20 IC
Big Bois X10

Recover Recover

Motorboat has a ridiculous, yet amazing Ruck planned. A Service project will be coming soon scheduled for April 17th.
Prayers for Marcy Miller and her service and for Kitty’s parents in Florida.

YHC had a plan, but we didn’t use it. In true Performing Arts fashion in front of the Palladium, this was almost a complete improvisation day. Kitty was understanding and provided some improv himself. We learned that shoulder taps up the mountain are too easy, but shoulder taps down the mountain are quite painful. The Vet’s attendance was low due to the great support of a VQ at The Hill. Which means some of us now owe 50 burpees. I suppose those should be knocked out before another VQ at The Hill Thursday. Our stage time was shortened in duration, but we kept moving and our upper bodies are feeling it. Very little lower body work. Just enough to keep us loose for Thursday’s showdown with The Hill. This Candi guy has sure taken to the stage quickly. It is almost like he has been here before. In fact, an investigation is ongoing into the possible fraudulent use of a VQ during a showdown week. I hear some dollar bills were tucked somewhere. As one who does not frequent places where those by the name “Candi” are on stage, it took significant investigation to determine the meaning of this. One witness…we will just use the name “HookSnap” to allow him to remain anonymous told investigators that we should look into Candi’s waistband. A search warrant has been requested. As long as the judge signs it today, we should be able to recover the evidence at an upcoming Ultimate Day. This investigation is ongoing and any further information should be provided to Investigator Clancy.

Love you all!

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