38F and foggy. Felt warmer.

Pax: Pontoon19, Khaki, Chirp Chirp, State, Motorboat

Disclaimer given

SSH x25 IC
Weedpicker x15IC
grab weight and walk to rotunda with high knees and butt kicks
tempo squats x 10

25 deadlifts with 80ish pound sandbag (SB)
Turkish getups with 20# kettle bell in right hand
25 step ups with 40# ish SB
25 front squats with 65# ish SB
Turkish getups with 20# kettle bell in left hand
25 walking lunges with 55# ish SB
repeat x 4 rounds

Grab a weight and take a lap around tundra. shuffle and walking alternating

Recover Recover

NMM: good work by everyone this morning. preblast scared people off. State added the Turkish getups as punishment from last weeks loss and then showed up to do the punishment….T-Claps! Prayers for work and to stay humble. Thanks for making me stronger men. Keep giving it away!


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