The Pit

Pax: Proximity, Cornwallis (Q)

Core Principles

SSH x 20
Kick with twist x 10
IST x 10
Windmill x 10
Weed picker x 10
Arm circles x 20


We had lots of toys (kettlebells, Cindy, sandbag, jump rope, wall) for a choose your own adventure.
1 minute AMRAP and 30 sec recover for 30 minutes

Beefsteaks punishment: monkey humpers on keystone

Flutter kicks x 20
LBC x 20
Touch them heals x 20

Recover Recover!

-It was a little eerie and disorienting showing up and all of the lights in the parking lot were off.
-Not a lot of mumble chatter, just the Pit putting in good hard work as normal
-Have a great day and go be HIM!


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