Reader must read out loud in their best Irish accent….Weather mid 30s. 17 Pax arose to the occasion this AM

Disclaimer and principles stated
Warm up in oval formation shamrock sliders, sliding discs under yourself and passed to the next PAX. Irish merkin was introduced. 7 reps. Pax quickly noted how it resembled more of a burpee. Great to see Brickyard back with us on the pitch.

Thang teams split for ultimate frisbee. Some 2s thought it was 1s turn for the jerseys….and vise versa. Penalty was light set as 1 Irish merkin.

The bout was just, that filled with more than usual defensive battle as well as self inflicted mistakes by both teams. A great reminder to oneself that a bad match of Ultimate is still better than no match at all.

Cot reminders were to bring in the food for the monthly food drive and a few opportunities to serve in the future. Prayer requests by a few pax as well.

Pax of the day went out to Little giant for outstanding play throughout the bout.

Shamrock stickers were shared and Tulip wish he could be there to see Khaki’s face when he discovers where the decal was placed on his truck.

Q realized on his way home he forgot to have the group do 21s in the warm up. Until next time.

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