6 Pax at Big Ez Sarge, Springbok, Beefsteak, Ace, Pickles & Snaphook

weather. 39, mild. Disclaimer and Core’s delivered

warmo- abe vighoda, hillbillies, big arm circles, overhead claps, carry block east.

Thang 1: core drilling

The 100, 10 X’s & O’s, 20 WWII’s, 20 Freddy’s IC, 20 Flutterkicks IC, Side leg raises (ea), & 20 heel touches IC

Thang 2: Lucky Leprechaun trail

10 Blockees- Slow Alpo’s IC, 10 overhead presses oyo. farmer carry L 100′. block presses IC w 6″ hold, farmer carry L 100′

20 Slow curls for the girls IC, 20 Slow goblet squats, 20 block kettles oyo. farmer carry R 100′. 10 block parker peters IC, farmer carry R 100′.

rinse and repeato.

50 calf raises (free throw practice for tomorrow)

Mary- 20 take it and leave it’s.

Moleskine: seems like the weather is always great @ big EZ. the Pax are even better than the weather. Once the shock of early core work wore off we got back into routine. When YHC mentioned 6″ hold the adolescent chatter picked up, for a brief moment I thought I was at Grizzly. this was far from a smoker, but the slower reps increased the sucky factor. It was reported that McStuffins was out with a rib injury, it was decided that we would refer to it as a damaged McRib. Some of the pax mentioned they will be at the Vet tomorrow, it sounded like they were looking forward to running up the score. COT- Prayers for Butterfly and his family, Pickles M(hand injury), McStuffins McRib.


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