7 Pax posted to the Vet for a soggy beatdown. Pleasantly surprised to see 3 additional pax waiting in the courtyard. Weather: sloppy, mid 40s. Pax: Nomad, Snaphook, Pickles, Tulip, Beefsteak, Clancy, Gene Keady, Bobby Knight, Michael Shizefskee? (was hard to make out – he said it fast and was out of breath), Beater (Q)

5 core principles (with emphasis on rain or shine) and complete shirking of all responsibility

6 grass grabbers
Mosey to the Palladium stairs
10 lunges (2 is 1)

Spread out across the bottom of the flight of 12 steps. Each round consists of 10 calf raises and 10 squats on each step, IC (total of 120 calf raises and 120 squats/round). Between rounds, mosey to middle of courtyard and back. Pax rotate being Q after each round.

11 rounds + 6 steps completed (=11.5 rounds). Including warmup lunges, total count =
1,380 calf raises
1,380 squats
10 lunges

16 seconds of Mary:

– Killer job by the pax this morning. Good strategery from the smarter pax who avoided the steps at edge of Palladium porch with the drips. Rest of us just wanted the full experience, I guess. In the end, only way to avoid the wet would’ve been to head over to Tundra
– Was good to get to know the new pax. They were a little stiff, and didn’t offer up much mumblechatter. But they’re sharp dressers, and were very encouraging during the moseys. Hope to see them back out
– 10 canned goods collected – Nomad’s pile keeps growing!
– T-claps to the Hill fellas for a good effort, and hoping they have safe travels back home from the tourney
– Continued prayers for the Moody family
– If you’re looking to pull landscaping duty this weekend after the ruck, Tulip’s got you covered. His church is looking to spread some mulch, and could use some strong backs. But I’m sure the Hill guys would be welcome as well

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