PAX: State, PVC (Respect), Khaki (Q)

45 and rainy

Warm Up:


10 IC Weedpickers

10 Arm Circles Forward and Back

The Thang:

Different Rounds of 11’s

Round 1: Incline Merkins & Dips

Round 2: Merkins & Diamond Merkins

Round 3: Bench Dirty Hookups & Burpees

Round 4: Bench shoulder shrugs & Overhead claps

Round 5: Incline Merkins & Dips


10 IC Crunchy Frogs

20 IC Flutter Kicks


YHC was extremely pleased to wake up to the sound of rain knowing who had the Q and at which location the Q was being held. Love the Rotunda and cover it provides from the dreaded rain! Motorboat crushed the PAX at Tundra on Tuesday with a legs beatdown so YHC wanted to even it out with some arms today. PVC asked at one point if we were going to do any legs so in order to meet his request – we did burpees! We had a great beatdown and some great conversation this morning. Keep EHing and giving it away men!

Khaki out

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