31 degrees, clear skies, five strong PAX shook off the fartsack! Stache, Slit, Boucher, Bubblicious, and Daisy QIC


  • Reach arounds- 15IC
  • Reach overs- 10IC
  • Grass pickers- 15IC
  • Flying Nuns- 10OYO
  • Stretch Tihotness- OYO

Mosey to Bob Sanders

Thang- Descending Pyramid- at each light pole perform 10 reps of an exercise to the end of the road (6 lights, six exercises). Run back to the start and decrease reps by 1 each round.

  • Burpees
  • Wojos
  • Big boys
  • Merkins
  • Lunges each leg
  • A-rods

Mary: Bruce Lee- 1 set


Not sure what if it was the fear of the low temp and high wind possibility, spring break kicking off for several county schools today, the NCAA games beginning last night, the late night discussion about valid championships, or just the weird coincidence that many decided to fartsack on the same morning- nevertheless- a small but fired up 5 showed up for a full body beat down. Lots of discussion each round during the workout. Topics included how the closest pax are the ones not in attendance, IU basketball coach possibilities, Blue Chips movie memories, Celebrity appearance promises that were either let downs or lies…. The group made it to the final four before time became a factor. Promises of the 64 team elimination count-down workout were made, just not enough time to properly put it together last night. Also- wouldn’t want so many to miss out on that beat down. Jay-Z was given great praise for inspiring that workout that is yet to come. (Heavy sarcasm there intended.) As the COT commenced, wisdom was a theme in lives of the men- whether related to the park situation, job situations, or other parts of our lives- so prayers were offered for wisdom that we continue to go where He leads us and to be the best men we can be. Enjoy the tourney this weekend- and be there on Monday to work off the calories ingested while watching the games!!!!

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