5 Pax report to Grizzly. Jackie Moon, Coyote, Einstein, Archie Miller (aka Wrigley), Pappy (Q)

30 degrees windy and dry 


5 principles. 

March madness Workout 

Warm up

20 IC Imperial walker 
10 IC Wind mills

10 IC Arm circles forward 

10 IN arm circles backwards 

Motivators from 8 to celebrate Kentucky 8 National Titles 
Mosey to wall 

It has been 21 years since a Big Ten team has won the Championship, 252 months. 1 second per month so a 4 minute and 12 second wall sit.

Mosey to Old Marsh Parking lot 


Parking lot sprints- Sprint the full length of lot and complete 21 reps at each end of the below workout

·         Hand release Merkins

·         Squats 

·         One leg lunge 

·         Other leg Lunge 

·         Dips 

·         2 count shoulder taps

·         Calf raises 

·         Imperial walkers squats

·         Star jumps 

·         Half tuck jumps 

·         Punch Merkins (alternating arms 1 is 1) 

·         Big boys 

Complete 54 additional reps of the below (54 first round Kentucky NBA picks, most all time)

54 Squats 

54 Dips 

54 Lunges (1 is 1) 

NCAA Tournament Mary

64 flutter kicks 
32 lbcs
16 high dollys 
8 plank in and outs 
4 slow big boys 
2 minute low plan 
1 burpee (1 to celebrate the one and dones) 

Mole Skin, 

Great day to celebrate the start of the tourney. (We do not count the first 4). AO had to move to the Marsh Parking lot because of flooding at Brook School Park, including parking lot. PAX were surprised by the presence of Archie Miller, he has some free time, joined us in sprit through Wrigley. Great work men and enjoy the tournament this weekend.

Cot – Prayers for travel and health. 

As always, it was an honor. God Bless. 

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