28 and calm at Grizzly. 4 Pax and one Dog for a Ruck around the Grizzly area. Commodore, Space Balls, Cosmo, Coyote (Q)

Skipped the warm up and got to rucking. Headed around the Gray Eagle Golf Course and Neighborhood. Finished Up with a 3.55 mile ruck. A little chilly but the sun warmed things up nicely once it came up.

*** COT ***

Continue Prayers for Cosmo’s M. Prayers for Pappy and his family on their road trip.

*** Moleskin ***

My Ruck VQ. I didn’t plan anything creative. Original route was to go on a trail but I didn’t plan the day light savings time very well so I’ll have to save that for a month or two when the sun rises earlier. Glad to get to know Commodore better during the Ruck. The Dog loved the long morning walk.

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