9 PAX at The Vet for a beautiful 47 degree gloom

Nomad, Clancy, Brickyard, Snaphook, Biscuit, Wilson, FNG Steven, Clouseau (Welcome back), Khaki (Q)



10 Weedpickers IC

10 Arm Circles IC Forward and Backward


Mosey and then partner up

200 Burpees combined is the goal

While 1 partner does burpees, the other PAX lunge walks to the stop sign and back

Mosey back to cars


25 Flutter Kicks IC

25 LBC’s IC

1 Minute plank hold


Great to have 2 FNG’s out this morning! Clouseau’s name is a couple layers deep so you’ll have to ask him about it next time you see him! Rough morning for YHC started off by thinking Omaha was in Texas which Nomad quickly corrected me on. Simple beatdown this morning but definitely a smoker. Clancy had plenty of commentary this morning which is always entertaining. Keep pushing each other to get better men! 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY THIS SATURDAY!

Prayers for Snaphook’s M, Veteran Chris G. and all unspoken requests.

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