6 pax posted on a rainy 56 degree morning. Fantana, Coyote, Einstein, Spud, Genie, Kitty (q). Disclaimer given and reviewed 5 core principles.

Warm-o-Rama: Abe Vigodas ICx10, Arm Pretzels ICx10, Imperial Storm Troopers ICx10, SSH ICx10. Mosey to shelter.

Thang: in recognition of the Big Ten sh#%ting the bed in the tournament this year, performed a Big (amount of) 10 beatdown.

⁃ 10 Bobby Hurleys (OYO)

⁃ 10 Carolina dry docks (OYO)

⁃ 10 Lt Dans (OYO)

⁃ 10 big bois (OYO)

⁃ 10 step ups (OYO, 10 on both legs)

⁃ 10 In the morning / at nights (single count by Q)

⁃ 10 picnic table bench press (OYO)

⁃ 10 wing nuts (2 sides = 1 rep, OYO)

⁃ 10 calf raise on bench (4 count IC)

⁃ 10 dips (4 count IC)

Rinse and repeat as many rounds as possible until 6:10.

Mosey to wall. Motivator from 10. End with 2 minute stretching & deep breathing.

Moleskin: Big Ten let us down. YHC feels partly responsible. After giving Khaki a hard time about how many teams Big Ten had in the tournament as opposed to say…the SEC, things quickly declined. Karma I suppose. So YHC designed a punishment and drug 5 other pax along for the ride. Pax pushed hard with little break and competed 6 complete rounds, which is more than can be said for the Big Ten. Little mumble chatter due to all the counting. Fantana did appreciate the efforts to get ready for “dad bod” season by “wiping the jelly off the 6-pack”. Spared the group Mary at the end since some was built in and we’ll get plenty tomorrow. Announcements – head to Vet or Grizzly tomorrow to support final matchup in AO vs AO competition. Bring canned food items to make a big final push. Overnight 17 mile ruck 1:30a Sat starting and ending at Hill, followed by F3 Indy 4 year anniversary convergence at Hill – all other AOs closed that day. Prayers for those pax and family going through medical issues, and pax going through career struggles & opportunities. Always an honor to lead a group of such great men. Aye!

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