7 Pax posted in low 50 degrees – Daisy, Jay-Z, Stache (no stache), Wapner, Bubblicious, Boucher, Slit-QIC

Warm Up:

CAP lap

Tempo Squats X10IC + calf stretch OYO, Abe Vigodas X10IC + Willie Mays, Arm Stretches OYO

Thang: “Light” Cardio with Blocks 😉

Part 1: PAX partnered up at the flag- P1 farmer carry the coupons while P2 completes 5 burpees and catches up. Flap Jack and repeat until PAX made it to the bottom of the stairs. (20 burpees total)

Part 2: With same partners, P1 farmer carries to 2nd light pole north of the stairs while P2 completes a stair lap and catches up to P1. Both PAX complete 4 burpees during the coupon exchange. Flap jack and repeat for 7 exchanges (28 total burpees) with coupon traveling back and forth between light pole & stairs.

Part 3: PAX alternated prisoner and regular stair suicides with sets of 20 air squats in between.

Part 4: Repeat Part 1 headed back to the flag with 5merkins in place of the 5 burpees.


High Plank 90sec, Low Plank 90sec



Luckily, Wapner’s wet forecast was wrong but we all ended up really damp from a good sweat. Several PAX dismayed that QIC would be so cruel to include so much farmer carry with the ever increasing burpees. Glad we had some light cardio to break it up! Pretty quiet on the mumblechatter, mostly contemplating whether Piper is matching our burpees with his own on the beach and possible reasons for a CrabbyPO absence, which we will not investigate further. Prayers to all getting ready to travel to or from spring break – and let us be thankful for good “driver’s ed”“teachers”, whether they were awake the entire time or not!

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