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It was no surprise that Grizzly ended up in the finals of March Madness, however to ensure victory, the team needed to employ some final game-winning tactics, ESPECIALLY as word on the street was that the Vet-ters were employing highly-questionable, yet unconfirmed  tactics to attempt victory.  (Note:  At least the mention of the tactic must have worked as Vet almost tripled in size for a one-day work out….hmmm…..)  In consideration of this, Q decided to bring the pain to the house and target as many points as possible, while encouraging a high food yield and bringing a Kotter to enjoy the beatdown competition.

Warm up


Imperial Walkers x 25 IC

Arm Circles x 10 IC

The Thang

Core MADNESS is focused on points….lots of them…through a Tabata-like beatdown focused on reps and time divided up into quarters.  We like field goals, but the Tabata will be focused on free throws and Downtown shots.  To help us rest (or divert our brains from the pain) we’ll take a few field goals.

Here’s how the game went down.

Warm Up

1/4 mile mosey, 10 foxholes

First Half

Flutter kick x 50 IC

Low Plank x 1 min

Half Time

1/4 Mile Mosey, 10 Foxholes

Second Half

LBCs x 50 IC

High Plank x 1 min

Over Time

10 Foxholes

High Dolly x 50 IC

Side Plank (shifting sides at 30 seconds)

Double Over Time

Low Plank x 1 min

High Plank x 1 min

Side Plank (shifting sides at 30 seconds)



Mid 40s and overcast

11 Pax showed up for this final beatdown challenge to determine victory in the newly-founded, highly-rated March competition.  Q’s anticipation of pain was spot on as the 50 reps followed by plank holds proved challenging, but not defeating to the men of Grizzly.  The 1/4 mile Mosey provided some much needed break time for our cores and even allowed Coyote to demonstrate his sprinting prowess over a 12-year old (we’re competitive over here, what can we say?).  Mumblechatter was great as we attempted divert attention from the  beatdown with the normal regimen of AWESOME jokes (Qs opinion of course).  Great to see Bueller back out (even though he ’smoked’ most of us) as well as DC after a week or so and Optimus making a rare, but welcomed appearance.

Overall, Q is pleased with the Grizzly performance and appreciated all Pax effort over this grueling March Madness season.

Q would like to call out special prayer for the Zamboni and Jackie Moon families who are fight through the corona virus with little ones in the house.

Always a privilege,


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