Weather : 46. Mild with a back cooling dew

Pax: 21 Genie, Warm Glow, Beater, Logger, McStuffins, Bumblebee, State, Clancy, Biscuit, Slider, Pickles, Nomad, Pontoon-19, Faceoff, Tulip, Beefsteak, FNG-Jeremy, Shawshank, Cheeseball, Candi, Snaphook (Q)

Disclaimer and Core Principles announced at tip off.

WarmO- SSH, Weed Pickers, Abe Vighodas, Sun Gods & 400 Meter Mosey 2 pts

Thang: Finish The Bracket

Gonzaga 10 LBC IC +1 vs Creighton 1 Minute Bird Dog Plank + 3

USC 1 Minute Dancing Chilcutt Plank +3 vs Oregon 10 Starfish Crunch +1

Michigan – 10 heel touches IC +1 vs Florida State 10 Reverse Crunch IC & 10 Pretzel Crunch L IC +2

UCLA 10 Pretzel Crunches R IC +1 vs Alabama 20 High Knee Taps IC +2

Villanova 10 Mtn Climbers IC +1 vs Baylor 1 Minute Annie Plank +3

Oral Roberts 1 Min High Plank +3 vs Arkansas 20 American Hammers IC +2

Loyola Chicago 1 Minute Clock Plank w Merkins +3 vs Oregon State 10 Low Dolly IC +1

Houston 20 High knee runs IC, 20 Hillbilly Squats IC +4 vs Syracuse Floyd Mayweather Plank +3

Elite 8 celebration. 10 Fox Holes, Run 400 M, +4

Creighton 10 Fox Holes +2 vs USC Starfish Crunch 10 IC +1

Florida State Halleluiah Flutter 10IC +1 vs Alabama 20 American Hammers IC +2

Baylor 1Minute Peter Parker Plank +3 vs Oral Roberts 20 Heel Touches IC +2

Loyola Chicago 10 LBC’s IC +1 vs Houston 1 Minute of Pickle Pointer Plank +3

Final Four 10 Fox Holes +2

Creighton 1 Minute Plank Compass +3 vs Alabama 20 Heel Touches IC +2

Baylor 10 Cindy Crawford L, 10 Right.. +2 vs Houston 1 Minute Side Plank +3

Championship_ Creighton 10 Reverse Crunches +1 vs Houston 15 LBC’s and 10 Pickle Pounders IC +1.5

Premature celebration 10 Fox Holes, 20 Heel Touches IC, 20 LBC’s IC +6

COT/Namorama/Victory Photo by the Flags

Moleskine: Well, The Vet has had a perfect record thus far so we figured we would knock out the rest of the bracket for you. You’re welcome, and we aren’t responsible if you lose the farm on draft kings. We knew it would be close the whole way, in fact at one point biscuit got so nervous he started singing. Then McStuffins (in true Cinderella story fashion) returned from Rib rehab “It’s the Championship Snap, I can play.” Lots of moaning and groaning was heard, tremendous chatter, the cadence had a beautiful echo to it today as we rolled around the dog bomb zone. YHC knew we took the lead when Pickles nailed the Pickle Pounders in perfect Pickles cadence. Beater took us home with a frenzy of LBC’s, the Palladium doors opened- JIM NANTZ walked out “Hello Friends” It was crazy, Candi almost fainted. And then with a snap of his fingers One shining moment starting playing. What a turnout, thanks to all the pax who joined us today. If we end up winning this vacation sponsored by Kitty we are taking all of you and your M’s with us- Kitty said the beach house is plenty big & you all earned it. please come back, and bring a friend. We were blessed with a FNG and a Kotter today, and hope they are back out soon. Appreciate all the assistant coaches who helped blurt out cadence. T-Claps to Cosmo, Kitty, Grizzly and all the A.O.’s for all the EH’ing, AO visiting, push for cans, and your fellowship. SYITG – Snaphook

Unofficial Scoring: Min 5 pax 10 pts. 1st post FNG 10 pts. Kotter 15 pts. Non-perishable food items 30 pts. Bracket 72.5 pts. Total 137.5

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