4 PAX made their way into the windy gloom this morning for their March burpee campaign. JayZ, CrabbyPo, Pew Pew, Bubblicious(QIC)

Danger Zone-PAX perform side straddle hops while Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins plays in the background. Everytime the danger zone chorus hits, PAX do squats then resume side straddle hops.

Deconstructed Burpee Mile
* 1 Maestro Lap
* 25 Merkins
* 1 Maestro Lap
* 25 Groiners
* 1 Maestro Lap
* 25 Jump Squats
* 1 Maestro Lap

Mosey to Stairs

PAX were given a choose your own level of pain adventure. The buy in was 2 burpees. PAX would then run up the stairs. Depending on the destination chosen, there was a different amount of burpees required:

Top of Stairs=10
Bottom of other stairs=8
Happy Place=5

Mosey back to the flags

H2H x10 IC
WW2 x10 IC
American Hammers x20 OYO
Pew Pew 100’s

Pew Pew continued his excellent workout suggestions and seems primed for a breakout VQ. The PAX Formerly Known as Stache 🖖🏻us. I think everyone banked at least a few burpees. We all blew through the required 52 without a problem. Excellent work fellas!

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