Weather…low 30’s, clearish skies, no wind (it was mid 70’s 36 hours ago)

Pax reporting…Pappy, Coyote, Herbie, Wrigley (Q)

Welcome, Core Principles, Disclaimer


Windmills IC x 10

Imperial Walkers IC x15

Motivator from 5

The Thang

4 Corners…all exercises with block (carry block from station to station) with R&R (2 completed rounds)

Corner 1…15 squats, 15 lunges (1-1)

Middle…5 man-makers

Corner 2…15 BBSs, 15 American Hammers (1-1)

Middle…5 man-makers

Corner 3…15 chest presses horizontal, 15 chest presses vertical

Middle…5 man-makers

Corner 4…15 cross over upright rows, 15 overhead presses

Middle…5 man-makers


Grip, Rip, and Roll (started in middle of court and made our way to the side line)

Curls (1 min AYG)

KB Swings (1 min AYG)

Bent Over Rows (1 min AYG)


Flutter Kicks with Block IC x 15

ARods IC x 8

LBCs IC x 20

Block Plank ~30 seconds

Recover Recover


Moleskin: Mumblechatter about cores still being sore from the March Madness beatdown last week. While the men of the Vet went for an easy jog, the men of Grizzly showed up and went to work to get stronger. DraftKings has Grizzly at 4-1 odds to cut down the nets in March 2022. The Grip, Rip, and Roll was not a crowd favorite. YHC found it in the Exicon and wanted to try something new. May need to work on form to get it right, as it has potential. No dad jokes today and everyone was busy busting it (and since Cosmo wasn’t there). One Cindy fatality today. YHC was sad to learn it was the Cindy that YHC presented to Coyote for his first block party and the one that Coyote’s 2.0 graffiti’d on with all sorts of silly Purdue slogans. Coyote/Goldilocks then spent the rest of the workout trying out new rocks from the creek (one was too heavy, one was too light, one was just right). Start EH’ing for the new AO at Holland Park starting 4/13 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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