6 men posted


Maestro lap

4 burpees

Grass Pickers ICx15

Reach Around ICX10

Plank Jack’s ICX15

Seal claps ICX15

Lunges ICX10

Tempo squats ICX10

Hand Release merkins ICX10

Tickle the testicles for 1 minute

4 burpees


Mosey to bottom of hill

2 burpees

Back pedal up the hill

4 burpees

Mosey to monkey bars

5 hanging leg lifts

4 burpees

Mosey by way of sidewalk to bottom of stairs

Complete this circuit 5 times

Partner up

PAX 1 hold plank at bottom of hill

PAX 2 sprints to top of hill and back down

X5 rounds

ROF in shelter house

Incline merkin


Monkey humpers



Pickle pointers ICX20

Flutter kicks ICX20

Superman’s ICX10

Pickle pounders ICX15

Hello Dolly ICX15

Reverse plank on elbows 15 seconds


Mumble chatter began immediately as PAX began rolling in to the shifted A.O. One PAX in particular said he didn’t like it one bit. Another PAX tried to douse the fire with constructive comments as to why the Happy Place was chosen to which PAX1 said, “I don’t want to hear it.” After the awkwardness wore off, the warmup seemed quite extensive as one PAX said that if all warmups were going to be this long, he wanted to move back. In other news, we all agreed that we can’t wait for April and for the burpee brigade to be over. There was also some CRAZY talk about an F3 half marathon starting at Piper’s house and concluding at Jay-Z’s. This discussion didn’t make it very far. Good to have Piper back after his week of frolicking on the beach. Still waiting for Popeye. We left with the discussion of the potential for 2 FNGs coming in April. Continue to EH. It may eventually pay off.

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