Weather- 52 and SUNNY (weird right!?!)

Pax – DC and Zoolander (Q)

Welcome, Core Principles, Disclaimer


Arm CirclesIC x 15 IC (forward and backwards)

Imperial Walkers IC x20

Motivator from 5

The Thang: It’s Arm Day B*%#€es

Arms EMOMs (Complete each exercise for 1 minute then rest for 2 minutes and move on to next round. Rinse and repeat) Complete each round 2 times

Round 1-Curls, Skull Crushers, Lawn Mower Pulls, Block Press

Round 2- Plank Rows, Bench Dips, Plank Pull Throughs, Chest Rows


Spider Man 15 IC

Shoulder Taps 15 IC

Plank Up-Downs 10 IC

Gas Pumpers around the Block 1O IC

Moleskin: As weird as it was to be doing a beat down with the sun up, it was great to be out there promoting F3. Yes we may have gotten a few weird looks but that was only because they couldn’t believe that 2 good looking guys like us weren’t at the gym, but I digress… With the shovel flag waving with all of its beauty and DC and I doing our thing, we got some good publicity. It also emphasizes that OwlBear is now a perfect time to EH those guys who “can’t wake up in the morning.” Now that the sun is out and it is warm there is no excuse to not give F3 a chance!

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