March 30, 2021
Weather: mid-40s, calm

7 Pax posted to Tundra: Logger, Khaki, Motorboat, Spud, Kitty, PVC, Kindergarten Cop (Q).

Circle up, Disclaimer given.

SSH IC x 10
Shoulder pretzel IC x 10
Weedpickers IC x 10
Imperial Walkers. IC x 10
Zamp carry block to rotunda

2 PAX square off for Block, Paper, Scissors. Winning hand determines the exercise to be completed by the group.

Block: Arms
Overhead Press
Supine Chest Press
Block Merkin

Paper: Abs
Flutter Kicks
Low Dolly
High Dolly

Scissors: Legs
Goblet Squat
Bench Step Up
Jump Squat
Calf Raises

If PAX tie 3 times in a row, at Q’s discretion ,either a mosey lap around loop or zamp carry lap around rotunda would be completed.

Scissors won the most head-to-head battles followed closely by paper. Even with some pre-battle advice from Khaki, Block won the fewest battles. Not nearly as many ties as YHC anticipated so 2 obligatory mosey laps and 1 zamp lap were thrown in to mix things up.

Lifted up prayers of comfort for Marshall and Kneehigh on the passing of Marshall’s father.

Always a great start to the day to be with you men in the gloom.


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