Weather: 45 with 8mph wind from the S

Core principles, disclaimer


SSH x 25


Grass Grabbers/Weed Pickers



Quick high knees and butt kickers in the parking lot then mosey to The Wall – I think this wall needs a name

Thang 1 – Boxes

Box Jumps x 15 + Calf Raises x 15

Box Jumps x 14 + Calf Raises x 14

Box Jumps x 13 + Calf Raises x 13

Box Jumps x 12 + Calf Raises x 12

Box Jumps x 11 + Calf Raises x 11

Box Jumps x 10 + Calf Raises x 10

Box Jumps x 9 + Calf Raises x 9

Box Jumps x 8 + Calf Raises x 8

Box Jumps x 7 + Calf Raises x 7 (called it early to have time for the rest of the workout)

Thang 2:

Mosey to the schoolyard for a Circuit Workout

Station 1 – Blocks

Curls w/ Block x 15 + KB Swings w/ Block x 20 + Narrow Grip Merkins on Block x 25

Station 2 – Benches

Decline Shoulder taps on Bench x 30 (2 is 1) + Derkins on bench x 25 + Chair dips on bench x 20

Station 3 – Pull up Bars

10 Wide + 10 Close Grip Pull ups

Repeato until time


Hammers + LBC + Plank to finish the workout


Simple workout but effective. Always humbling to work out with this fit crew. Big TAPS for Dr. Porkchop who is taking his boards today. Special request was made in coffeteria for Dr. P’s baseline fitness test that was administered early in the year. YHC is also looking forward to re-taking that test.

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