Weather: 45F,. clear, waning full moon, perfect for a run, had to shed jacket

5 Core Principles, disclaimer

Warm up: SSH x 20, WP x10, AV x10, Kick with twist x10 all IC

Thang: Mosey around park (2nd F style) then rounds of Hot Laps (1st F style) with exercises as rest

After lap 1: Flutter kicks x20 (4=1), Merkins x15

After lap 2: Freddy Murcury x20 (4=1), Dips x15

After lap 3: Big Boys x20, HR Merkins x10

After lap 4: Low Dolly x20 (2=1), Plank Jack x20 (2=1)

Mary: LBC x20, AH x20, Pretzel crunch x10 each side all IC


Great to get to know these PAX better especially during our more 2nd F friendly warmup lap. Great to get moving a bit more after the McRib injury. Prayers for F3 Nation, our Vets, the sick, others said and unsaid. Always an honor to lead. Aye!

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