Weather: 45 and a moderate wind. 

Pax: Tulip, Biscuit, Snaphook, Clancy, Nomad, Clouseau and State (Q).  All Pax in their 40s!

Warm-up—1) Weed pickers x 10 (IC) 2) Abe Vigoda x 10 (IC) and 3) Motivator x 5

Extended Warm-up—5 burpees at the musician statue on the green, bear crawl where the tunnel of lights used to be, and lunge walk the tunnel

THANG—Run Heavy tour of the Monon going north turning around at the @Clancy statue on Main St.

Stop and do the work when mosey upon the following:

  1. Runner                                             10 Big Boy Situps
  2. Bar/saloon/honky tonk                10 pickle pounders
  3. Walker w/dog                                10 lunge walk steps and 10 doggie paddles
  4. Stop Sign                                         10 crab cakes/20 shoulder taps/30 mountain climbers
  5. Evergreen tree                               3 hand release Merks
  6. Umbrella                                         10 squats
  7. Statue                                              5 burpees
  8. Bike                                                  20 Freddy Mercury
  9. Car                                                   10 star jumps
  10. Frog Stickers                                   Broad jump b/t them    

Moleskin: A lot more evergreen trees than I remembered from my scouting trip 2 weeks ago.  And I swear a couple of unnecessary stop signs were recently added.  The pickle pounders at the start of the run brought an immediate yellow flag from Clancy and he kept the flag handy the rest of the workout.  YHC was worried we might come across a group of runners or bikers but we dodged that bullet.  However, all items on the above list were checked off.  Clancy told me the mumble chatter was real and spectacular, but I will have to take his word for it.  YHC was too focused on his Q and the responsibility owed the Pax.  Snaphook fruitlessly attempted to distract the Q during the mosey to avoid a group of Evergreens and t-claps to Biscuit for pointing them out.  This was the first workout I can recall where all Pax were 40+, yet under a Respect.  It was a pleasure!

The Can drive ends tomorrow.  Great work men!  Motorboat wants to stroke a giant check!!  Thank you Clancy for closing us out and thoughts to the soldier and his family.      

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