Weather: 29 degrees, a little breeze and mostly clear skies

PAX: Butterfly, Pickles, Python, Mcstuffins, Snaphook, Slider, Clouseau, Tulip, Logger

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Warmup: 20 SSH, 10 Imperial Walkers, 11 (#brickyard11) Windmills, 15 Seal Jacks, 10 Weed pickers.

As for the actual Thang, I can only give you an approximation. My goal today was to move near constantly and we were fairly successful. We first went to the Jazz guys for 20 Mt Climbers. Then down the monon where we did a sprint, it was longer than it looked. We mosey’d a little further for some Burpees. Down by the CPD we went up the stairs of the monument for the calfinator. We did fit in a dirty hook up and a hook up dirty – PAX were not disappointed.

We proceeded to go to the stairs by 126th, the tunnel, the picnic tables, some more tunnel, the pit, the stairs of the Palladium, back to the pit, the jazz guys, and finally back to the monument. The exercises were sprinkled in everywhere. The worst was easily the Jazz Crab – I made it up, its a combo of jazz hands and crab cakes. I also brought in a new to me and I thin Van Damme was the final name – its like the Floyd Mayweather but instead of throwing punches in blank you are kicking in plank – excellent core.

If you need more specific details on what we did, you should have been there.

Moleskin: Easily the best part was getting to see guys I don’t normally see or I haven’t met before. Clouseau, Python, Pickles, Butterfly, and Mcstuffins – loved seeing you this morning. I wish I got to see you on more mornings. Tulip, Slider, Snaphook – you all are beautiful too.

Python made his second post, he is a coder, hence his name. Glad you found us Python.

Typically I have planned out every detail of my Q. But I was thinking about a down range guy that Q’d years ago and he just ran us and we stopped at random and he had us do something. My plan today was to replicate that to some extent. So instead of a written plan I wrote some thoughts down last night but then left it to be inspired in the moment as to what to do. This won’t be my new way going forward but I’ll bring it back again at some point.

Thoughts and Prayers for Butterfly’s dad and family and Marshalls family. Additionally Melvin D. was our veteran we remembered.

Thanks Men!

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