4.2.2021 – 22 degrees, still

Big EZ – Four Corners Beatdown

8 PAX – McStuffins, Mullet, Butterfly, Pantalones, Sarge, Receptor, Snooki, Ace (Q)

F3 mission: to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. 

5 core principles: Always Free, Open to All Men, Held Outdoors, Peer-Led, Ends in a Circle of Trust

Disclaimer:  Not an expert, modify as needed.  F3, Zionsville Presbyterian, and I are not responsible. Maintain social distance

Warm up:

– SSH x 20 IC

– Weed Pickers x 10 IC

– Abe Vigodas x 10 IC

– Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

– Al Gore 10 count, shuffle left, overhead claps, shuffle right


Thang 1: partner up and alternate until you complete full rep count

Set 1: Grapevine and 100 Burpees

Set 2: Traveling Frog Jumps and Big Boy Sit-up 100

Set 3: Bear Crawl and 200 Dips


Thang 2: 

Four corners: 5 Merkins at each

Side 1: Sprint

Side 2: Shuffle Left

Side 3: Sprint

Side 4: Shuffle Right

Complete 5 laps OYO

Pick up the six

Mosey to Mary


– LBCs x 20 IC

– Flutter Kicks x 15 IC

– Pretzel crunch x10, then switch legs  IC

– Low Plank with alternating punches

– High Plank with shoulder taps

Recover, Recover!

Circle of Trust

Announcements: April 8th 3rd F volunteering at Zionsville Presbyterian Food Pantry. 2.0s and Ms welcome and three shifts available. Slack channel for info or ask Sarge.  GrowRuck in STL 7/16-18.  

Prayer Requests:  Continued prayers for those healing from injury and sickness. Prayers for all those requests in our hearts, but unspoken. 

Moleskin: Quite a bit of mumblechatter from the PAX this round. The cold weather didn’t help.  High rep counts and Bear crawls always make a PAX feel special.  Pushing and supporting each other through a beatdown is so powerful and inspiring. Great reflection from Reflector after his first two weeks at F3; it only takes a few workouts to feel the power of this group of men and fellowship and strength it gives to you as a PAX.  He’s already EHing! 

Thank you for the opportunity to lead. YHC, Ac

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