8 PAX showed up for a full body beat down- 20 degrees, cloudy skies, brisk cool air- Boucher, Popeye, Piper, CrabbyPO, Slit, Jay-Z, Bubblicious, Daisy-QIC

Mosey to the basketball courts carrying blocks

Thang- starting with 64 teams (reps), eliminating a team one by one until we crown a champion. Exercises started at one end line, ran to half court, next exercise, other end line where blocks kept watch, exercise, then back to other end line lowering the reps at each station signifying a team eliminated.

MOM- no time- was worked into the workout.


Moleskin: It wouldn’t be the end of March Madness and High School Tourney time without one last push of cooler weather. Grumbling started immediately as warm up wasn’t started at the flag, but was the first two rounds at the basketball courts. The high number of reps for some exercises had not been done before- but the PAX pushed through. A reminder that the numbers were going down seemed to offer little solace to some. The group eliminated 40 teams this morning. May that leave room for a return to finish the workout????? Conversations concerning the well-being of Humdinger and his vehicle, how Cubby Blue needs to return to keep us in check, something brought the giggles on one end- but YHC was unable to hear what started it, and the misery of high reps for certain exercises filled the morning beat down. COT brought appreciation for how much better PAX felt when they were attending workouts vs when they were not. Hopefully we can use that to encourage some Kotters as the next week brings better weather. Also as we celebrate the Easter weekend- the death and resurrection of our Savior- encouragement to reflect on our graces given to us and how to be a representation of that to the world around us was had. Hoping everyone has a wonderful Easter, and that we get a large return on Monday to work off the Easter dinners and the chocolate candies that many will partake! Happy Easter to all! See you Monday!

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