3 Pax reported to Grizzly for a Monday Block Party- Chirp Chirp, Mike (FNG), Pappy (Q)

48 degrees still and dry 

Disclaimer and 5 Principles 

Warm up

20 IC Imperial Walkers 

15 IC Weed Pikers 

10 IC Wind Mills

Motivators from 5 


Mosey to Icey Truck and “Borrow” a Cindy 

4 corners- 20 reps at each Corner  

·         Corner 1 Squats 

·         Corner 2 Kettle Bells 

·         Corner 3 Curl Press 

·         Corner 4 clean and press

·         Zamp Carry between side corners 

·         Murder Bunny between the end Corners 

Completed 2 round 

Round 3 

·         Corner 1 Block Merkins 

·         Corner 2 Overhead Presses 

·         Corner 3 Calf Raises 

·         Corner 4 Clean and Press 

·         Zamp carry on the sides 

·         Curl Carry on the ends 

Round 4

·         Corner 1- Cal Raises 

·         Skip Corner 2 

·         Corner 3- 5 Man Makers

·         Corner 4 Mary 

·         Zap Carry to all corners 


20 IC LBC with Block over head 

20 IC flutter kicks with Block over head 

10 IC American Hammers 

Recover –Recover 

Cot0- Pray for all those traveling. Be with Chrip Chrips Grandfather who is in the hospital with multiple conditions after a fall.

Mole Skin- Small group this morning as most of Fishers Relocated south for the Week. Welcome FNG Mike, thanks for dipping your tie in the water with F3. We are excited and blessed to have you.

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