Weather: 55 and perfect

Pax: Square, Proximity(Q)

F3 Core principles

Warm Up:


Kick with a twist IC

Weed pickers IC

Abe Vigoda IC

Runner Stretch OYO

Warm up mosey up the steps x2

Mosey to the Cinderblock stash and head to the soccer field


2 Min AMRAP Kettle Bell Swings with block

Murder bunny to the opposite goal

20 Cinderblock Get ups (10 each side)

Lunge to opposite goal

20 Spiderman Merkins IC

Slosey to opposite goal

25 Block Thrusters

Single block Farmer Carry to opposite goal

40 Goblet Squats

Return blocks to stash and slosey back to parking lot for Mary


Heals to heaven 20 IC

Reverse Crunch 15 IC

Butterfly Situps 10 IC

Low plank to finish the workout

Moleskin: Good convo with Square today. I’ve been recovering from a cold so took it a little slower than usual but felt good to move some weight, especially in this weather. The soccer field was a little longer than i remembered but look forward to using it more in future Q’s.

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