11 PAX posted in balmy 50degree morning at TPA. Gasman, JayZ, Pew Pew, Piper, Wapner, Boucher, Slit, CrabbyPo, Daisy, Stache, Bubblicious(QIC)

Maestro Lap
SSH IC x20
Arm Circles IC x20 fwd/rev.
Flying Nun 5ea leg OYO

Thang Uno:

Split into two teams. At each station everyone has to do the prescribed movement found within their Easter eggs. Since everyone can not do it at once, the balance of each team must do LBC/Flutter’s until there’s room to rotate in. Can be either Flutters or LBC’s but everyone must be doing the same thing.

Aimed to complete 3 rounds but we only had time for ~2 rounds total.

Murder Bunny up the hill, 10 blockees, rifle carry down to the bottom.

Vball Court=Sandy Bunnies
Resurrection Bunny the length of the Volleyball Courts and back.

Aviary=Easter Egg Smash
10 sledges each arm.

Thang Dos: Carry the rest of the blocks to Bob Sanders and find the last egg. Turns out the last egg was empty….just like the tomb of Jesus Christ.

Heels 2 Heaven IC
Big Boys
Pickle Pounders IC
Recover, recover

Great effort put forward by everyone. The set up took a little longer than normal, but I think everyone still found themselves sweating it out, sucking air, and cursing CrabbyPo for introducing us to Murder Bunnies. Moleskin 2.0 still needs to be posted by a Group 2 PAX and Stache needs to post the F3 Blackcat’s inaugural cycling BB ASAP. Props to Stache for figuring our a creative way to work through his injury and still post.

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