Weather: 57F, clear skies

Pax: Brickyard, Clancy, Butterfly, Slider, Cheeseball, Motorboat

Disclaimer given

SSH x 20IC
Imperial walkers x 10IC
Kick with twist x 10IC
Mosey 1/8 mile “track”
3 burpees IC

deadlifts (120# or 80# SB)
squats (60# SB)
side to side press (50# SB)
merkins with ruck on (20# ruck)
walking lunges (45# SB)
Ruck with 55ish#.
Round was set by the ruck of 1/8 mile around the “track”

“W” raise x 10 OYO
2 min plank (high and low x2 in there, each about 30 seconds)
LBC x20 IC
Side crunch x 5 IC each side
Flutter kick x 25 IC


Picture by the flag.

NMM: Always fun to bring out the sandbags for a beatdown. Great mumble chatter today and good to hear about different men’s lives. Several chances to serve coming up, check the 3rd F channel. Merkins with a ruck on forced good form to avoid having the ruck hit you in the back of the head, this will for sure be making an appearance again. Love all the options the Vet has to offer and can’t wait to continue to utilize all of the structures around there. Keep giving it away!


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