3 PAX at The Vet – Tulip, Pickles, Clancy (Q)

Weather – Breezy 64 degrees

Disclaimer – Principles

SSH X 20
Imperial Walkers X15
Calf Raises X10

Motivator from 7
Stair Lunges
Wall Sits
Backward Runs
Step Ups/Box Jumps
Logger Races X3
Wall Sits
Junkyard 8
Lunge Tunnel
Motivator from 6


As the title represents, preparation was minimal by YHC. The plan was to prepare a beatdown the evening before. But after a visit to a Mexican restaurant that night, Q was unable to focus on preparation. If more people were present, kickball with some special exercises was planned. However, with 3 of us, we modified and improvised. This became a bit of an interval runs with several exercises in the mix. We traveled to a parking garage and used the slopes for some running forwards, backwards, and sideways. This was much like the positions YHC was in with severe stomach pains the night before. Tulip defined a new F3 term “Slut”. As we traveled by a guy on a morning walk, an attempt to EH was done. Tulip decided that if he posts, he was clearly an easy date. YHC learned that Tulip gets the giggles which makes running more difficult. And Pickles educated us on the fact that Detroit was much worse than Indianapolis as we mumbled through wall sits. It really was a beautiful morning and YHC enjoyed spending it with my F3 family.

Love you all!

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