5 PAX @ Tundra [Pontoon-19, Biscuit, Logger, Motorboat, Khaki – Q]

No rain and 60 degrees, doesn’t get better than that!

Warm Up:

10 IC Weedpickers

10 IC Arm Circles



Set 1 (10 rounds)


Plank Hold

Set 2


Calf Raises

Set 3



Set 4 

1 Minute of Burpees


Beautiful morning at Tundra! Definitely was expecting rain but was blessed and didn’t have to deal with it. As YHC rolled in around 0510, there were two cars I wasn’t used to seeing at Tundra and thought we were going to have some FNG’s during a spring break week! Turns out one of the cars had some pretty steamy windows and the other car was empty so…… I guess they were working out too. Pontoon’s police senses were tingling and he noticed that the headlights on the car were a little dim and making the assumption that the car battery was dying. EMOM really gets the muscles burning and set 1 with merkins and planking was no exception but that’s what F3 is about! About 5 minutes left in the beatdown and a figure came appearing out of the darkness… it was one of our couple friends asking if we had any jumper cables! After we finished COT a couple of us went over and tried to help them out but the battery was too far gone (even though it was replaced in February). Good thing AAA exists! If you’ve read this entire moleskin, react with a couple emoji!

Until next time!

Khaki out

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