Block Party Fun

Weather: 56 and windy

Pax posted: 6 Pax Posted

Welcome w/ Core Principles: Free, open to all Men, Peer Lead, outside rain or shine/snow, and end in COT!

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional and not responsible, City and F3 are not responsible.

Warm up: IC

• 20 SSH

⁃ Zamp carry until we reach our destination.

Thang: PT Practice and an M challenge!

• YHC M Challenged us to a new exercise that hurt! Warrior 1, while holding the block and completing reps (ouch)

• 25 KB Swings

• 25 Curls

• 2:00 minute Zamp Hold

• 25 Goblet Squats

• 25 OHP

• 1:00 minute Farmer hold (ea arm)

• 25 Block Merkins

• 5 8ct Man-Makers

• Rinse and repeat (completed 2 rounds)

⁃ Zamp Carry Cindy back to the front lot.


• Who’s Mary? I only know Cindy!

Recover Recover!

Nam-O-Rama & Prayers

COT: prayers for Cheeseball’s interviews, Tulip’s opportunity to go on a mission as a Coach, YHC family for upcoming funeral, those prayers asked in the week, prayers not spoken, and for Mental Health for all Men.

Moleskin: YHC was tired and struggled to leave the fart sack this gloom. It was quite windy, so we Zamp carried to the patio area to reduce the wind. What a great group of HIM this gloom! It is sometimes hard to get out of bed but no regrets ever, when you do show up! Aye.

*side note: start looking into a “Shield Lock”! Reach out to someone if you need info. Love you guys!


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