Weather: Low 60s, cool, crisp and looking like rain but it held off.

Pax: Nomad, Khaki, Pontoon 19, Snitches, FNG Chris (now named Stitches), Jeeves, Snooki, Marshall, KneeHigh, Motorboat

Disclaimer given

Rucked 2.75 miles with an extra 40# sandbag and 20# sandbag. Switched every .25 miles. did 5 squats or 10 walking lunges as well.

COT: Shred it event next weekend. 2 New AOs in the next 30 days. Keep an eye out on slack for more details. Stitches is cancer free!!!!!!

NMM: Good conversation over a variety of topics. Keep giving it away. Aye!

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