Weather 48.

Pax: Pontoon19, Tulip, Kindergarten Cop, Clancy & Snaphook.

Disclaimer and various forms of stretching took place.

Interval run to the TWOG. run all ya gots up the parking garage ramps, walk the flats. all the way up. took the stairs down and headed uptown for a big lap then back home with intervals mixed in for pax pleasure.

Great Job by Tulip pushing it today. pax noted multiple times where he kept up the mosey when we took our pauses. we got in 3.4 miles. nice to be back after break. Clancy announced that he hit the lottery (2nd F meet up drawing for April). He also announced a reminder for this Saturday’s service opportunity at the Shred it day. check out the 3rd F channel for more information or send him a note. Great COT. SYITG soon- Snaphook

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