Weather: 48 and water droplets suspended in the air

19 PAX:
4 Runners: Nomad, Biscuit, Genie, State
15 Ruckers: Runner Up, Candi, Short Stick, Warm Glow, Wedding Singer, Bubble Bath, Fantana, Spud, Quick, Woolly Dutchman, Wilson, Tristen-FNG, Logger, Motorboat, CheeseBall (Q)

Discaimer and Core principles given

Thang: Runners ran and Ruckers rucked. Ruckers went 2.6 miles even though Fantana could have sworn it was 5.

Moleskin: Was nice to have a large number turn out. Can tell from the turnout that springbreak is over. Nice to have an FNG come out (Nice work Wilson, keep EH’ing!)

COT/Announcements: Prayers for Quick and Woolly’s relative who is getting married this weekend, New AO starts this week on Tuesday and Thursdays at Holland Park in Fishers (location on Slack, or google :-))

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